Purchasing a used boat can be a great alternative to the expense of a brand-new boat. However, there are a lot of pitfalls to be aware of. Hiring a marine surveyor to complete a thorough inspection is your best bet. Inspections can reveal a number of issues that do not appear to even experienced boaters.

Many boat owners try to sell their boats after natural disasters cause damage. They will perform patchy repair jobs and slap cosmetic fixes over the top. But there are ways to spot undisclosed repairs and defects, even if you’re not a professional. Variations in color or texture on the exterior or interior can indicate a problem. It is difficult to match finishes after repairs, especially if there has been fading. If carpet has been replaced, you’ll want to look closely for damage to the floor. Soft fabric replacement can mean the boat was spruced up prior to sale or that there was mildew or water damage.

Boat purchasers need to be especially careful right now as insurance companies and owners sell off Harvey-damaged boats. These can be good investments, depending on the type of damage. However, if the boat sank or had standing water for a prolonged period, it could be a money pit. Look for electrical system corrosion and rust on interior hinges and hardware. These aren’t as frequently replaced since they’re “hidden.”

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